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I was quite shocked to see the negative reviews of Brand Recruitment as I view them as the best recruitment agency I have worked in over the course of my 15 year career. Yes, they are frank, yet managed my expectations in a professional yet constructive way whilst attempting ...
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Poor researchers and terrible candidates
I've never had a positive experience with them. Candidates seem to be put forward solely on the basis of the familiarity of their previous employer's name rather than their individual skills or qualities. For example, if a ...
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PLUS: All payments received on time and w/o hassle.  In-country tax problems resolved effectively. MIINUS: Contractual arrangements were more restrictive than other contract personnel on the same company/project/location - nett result: I paid more tax than others. When negotiating the rate, the agent talked as if a representative of the company, not my agent, or at least a go-between.
My experience with Huxley has always been good and so has been the experience of any friends or acquintances I´ve recommended to work with Huxley. Mature, efficient and reliable Company.
If you are interviewing with Matchtech, you are probably looking at JAM. Avoid JAM at all costs and dont fall for their promises. Its all a lie. A business that CAN NOT be trusted.
When I moved to Bristol, jobless and penniless, Pertemps Recruitment Agency was my first port of call.  After a short interview with a friendly adviser, I took a typing test, passed it and had a job by the end of the week.  The initiation process was smooth and painless, and I found the staff to be genuinely accommodating and helpful.  I had a few different administrative based jobs courtesy of Pertemps, and was on an average wage of £7 per hour.  I never had any problems receiving my payment, which was paid directly into my bank account on a weekly basis (oh joy!)  An all round thumbs up for this one.
Yes, they are frank, yet managed my expectations in a professional yet constructive way whilst attempting to secure me interviews. I eventually found a role for myself directly, yet the three interview processes I went through Brand with were smooth and each time I contacted them I was dealing with one of two people as they work in clearly defined teams. Unlike a lot of other agencies they didn't give false hope by contacting about inappropriate jobs. Feedback has always been prompt regardless of the outcome. If you want to be led up the garden path or need a morale boost forget it, if you want realistic advice go for it.
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